Commodity Mining - Gagan Dhawan

Aayana Marbles, established in January 2015, has become one of the leading High Quality White Marble Producers with clientele across Africa, India, Middle East, Europe, and China.

Aayana Marbles was started with the vision to start mining in Africa. It was established with a big quarry in Ethiopia and an office in Dubai. The Italian Processing & Polishing Plant is the first of its kind, with a state of the art infrastructure designed to capacitate huge Marble slabs and tiles per month for the East African market.

Gagan Dhawan owns the brand and visions an expansion for the company in the coming few years. He understands that control over the supply of any commodity is a sure shot success mantra. With the establishment of the mining business in Ethiopia and the capacity expansion in the processing unit and marble quarry, Aayana Marbles is poised to grow by leaps and bounds in the near future.