Gagan Dhawan has Introduced Divine Bhakti Box Perfect Gift for Children & Old Angels

Gagan Dhawan introduce divine bhakti box

“Culture and traditions are the essence of life. They do not just bring along with them rituals but carry forward teachings from one generation to another. With the advent of technology and globalisation , the culture and traditions are slowly fading away. The only knowledge that kids have is about the festivals and occasions that are often a school holiday which they look forward to eagerly. To keep these traditions alive and pass them from generation to generation, Gagan Dhawan took an initiative and introduced The Divine Bhakti Box to the public under their in-house stationery brand 'Pen Aur Paper'. It is not just a box but is an encapsulation of blessings and knowledge in a fascinating way which nurtures young minds and helps them to achieve spiritual and mental wellness.

With a vibrant way of introducing the 14 most popular Chalisa and Geeta Saar, it provides for the perfect morning melody that none would want to miss. With the right blend of technology and the customs and rituals, it provides for a positive start to keep an aura of confidence and accuracy throughout the day. It has a variety in the collection, and enchanting beauty not just from the outside but also elevates the status of devotion and spirituality.

They will be introducing the Divine Bhakti Box to the public under their in-house stationery brand 'Pen Aur Paper' with utmost dedication and quality. With a traditional soul and a trendy touch, it is one of the most alluring ways to extend before a hand for enlightenment. With the blessings of God Almighty, Mr. Dhawan, with the help of the Divine Bhakti Box, prepares to enlighten every young soul to the most. With a simple and understandable language, it eliminates the language of the traditional scriptures, which otherwise are hard to read and understand by a restless child.

Embracing the must know, the beliefs and values of the ancient scriptures; it emphasizes easy learning and fascinating concepts to absorb the needful. They render customization services to those who wish to have the Bhakti box for a specific occasion. It would provide them with creating the perfect environment for the event and make it memorable. Using the e-commerce website for availabilities, the Chalisas will also be available in individual packing in the sites like Flipkart and Amazon.

About Pen Aur Paper:

RHI Printographics and the in-house stationery brand Pen Aur Paper is a creative development, and the venture of Mr. Gagan Dhawan. They strive to render valuable, beautiful, cost-efficient, and unique stationery and lifestyle products at the best rates and values. The products also have a language choice of English and Hindi to ensure convenience to the listeners and buyers.

Providing a range of stationery, gifts, home & office accessories, magnetic products, lifestyle accessories, and much more, they tend to bring comfort to life and make it smooth. With their designing and printing space, they tend to give a cent percent guarantee on the products that they render to people. Having a successful in-house printing unit, that has been running for more than 20 years, they look forward to embrace the new technology and move on to online space to render their products and services. With making office and home lifestyle products available globally, they are open to accepting domestic and international orders to reach out to Indian diaspora across the world.

They are all ears to queries and suggestions via email (info@penaurpaper) and ensure that every customer query and feedback is their priority and there is always a room for improvement. With a vision of spreading the spiritual culture, they are looking forward to winning hearts by their work.