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Ganga Chalisa - Launched By Pen Aur Paper

Gods and deities have been considered divine and sacred and have been worshipped by people for ages. They hold a special significance and are the cornerstone on which the whole Indian culture is standing strong today. There are fables, legendary stories, and mythological tales filled with lessons enlightening the way of life at each and every progression. But it is losing its significance and is getting blurred and ignored with the people adopting a more dogmatic way of living.

Mixing a little sparkle in devotion-

Ganga Biography - Launched By Pen Aur Paper

Pen Aur Paper is Shri Gagan Dhawan's child, his work of art. It is an advancement in the field of spirituality and religious beliefs to bring back the overlooked embodiment. It is a way of reawakening the spiritual connection in an individual's life that is losing its essence.

Goddess Ganga is the personification of the river Ganges and is the most sacred river in the Hindu culture. She is worshipped by not only Hindus but people from all around the globe who believe that bathing in this pure and pious river will cause the remission of their sins and bring them closer to Moksha.

Ganga Chalisa is a forty verse prayer, devotion, and love to Maa Ganga. Chanting the same is considered as a sure-shot formula of relieving one of his or her misdeeds and bring back the virtues and goodness in those possessing sinful minds. It holds a significant place in Indian culture.

Pen Aur Paper has created a superior quality of Ganga Chalisa, which is the ideal gifting solution for seniors and youths alike. Not only this, they have an array of Chalisas, Geeta Saar, Divine Bhakti Box, and what not to bring back the lost devotion and the essence of spirituality in a fun and vibrant way.

With his in-house stationery brand, Mr. Gagan Dhawan has laid the foundation for evoking the traditional cult and creating a soul-driven tribe.