Saraswati Chalisa The Most Appealing Book Launched By Pen Aur Paper

Saraswati Chalisa - Launched By Pen Aur Paper

Saraswati Chalisa is one of the most pleasant and relaxing Chalisa that most people used to hear. If you also love to listen or read this Chalisa, then go with the one launched by Pen Aur Paper and curated by Gagan Dhawan. He made it simple for you to understand the language of Chalisa. You may know that many kids don’t want to listen or read such traditional books because they don’t even understand the meaning. Gagan understood this thing and launched Saraswati Chalisa in a simple and attractive language that anyone can read and listen to.

The Motive Behind Launching Saraswati Chalisa

The main motive behind launching this book is better understanding so that the kid of the new generation may know about our religion and history. As if they don’t know, then they may never understand the necessity of all these things in our life. Gagan Dhawan got to know about this situation at the earliest. Thus, he curated this book and launched it by Pen Aur Paper.

Saraswati Chalisa: Summary

In this Chalisa, you will get all slokas, para, and everything in very simple and appealing language so that you will love to read again and again. In case you want to explore more, you can visit Pen Aur Paper and go through all the chalisas. All the books are in very simple language that you can read without taking the help of anyone.

Pen Aur Paper - Curated By Gagan Dhawan

Features of the books

  • Appealing language
  • Big fonts
  • Better understanding
  • Clear sentence

All these things are the reason behind purchasing this Chalisa. If you are looking for something that can connect with Indian culture, go with Saraswati Chalisa, launched by Pen Aur Paper, and curated by Gagan Dhawan. So, what are you waiting for? Open Flipkart or Amazon and order it at reasonable rates to get delivered at your doorstep.