Find Peace With Pen Aur Paper’s Shanidev Chalisa

Shanidev Chalisa - Launched By Pen Aur Paper

When you are troubled by miseries, whom do you turn to for strength? Our ancestors have bestowed us with plenty of powerful resources to help us when we are losing our minds. But many of us are neither aware of these nor show interest in knowing them.

We have several hymns and shlokas to help us in our tough times. Even if we are not suffering from any problem, chanting these shlokas can provide peace of mind. Unfortunately, we see the waning interest of youngsters towards such shlokas. Thus, Pen Aur Paper has innovatively printed Chalisa books to give our culture a ‘comeback’ of sorts! One such book is the Shanidev Chalisa.

The Motivation-

shanidev chalisa

Pen Aur Paper is a stationery and lifestyle brand Curated By Gagan Dhawan. With over two decades of experience in printing, the brand has struck the right chord to bring the benefits of Shanidev Chalisa and other Chalisas to everyone. The motive behind this is to carry forward what our forefathers have passed to us.

Shanidev is considered as the God/Planet that rewards/punish people according to their deeds. If you are going through a rough patch, chanting the Chalisa can help relieve your tensions.

Benefits of Pen Aur Paper’s Shanidev Chalisa

This book of Chalisas is hardbound. Thus, it is long-lasting. The book is made of superior quality paper and has a grand feel to it – just like the all-powerful Shanidev! The chalisas are printed in large font – in both English alphabets and Hindi so that language is not a barrier for people trying to chant it. The packaging is quite luxurious too. It comes with a box for storage. Finally, the ideal size makes the book worth its price. It is a handy book which one can easily carry with them. Whether for yourself or to gift it to someone – the Chalisa book is one purchase you will not regret!