Re-Live The Devotion With Shiv Chalisa Carved Out By Gagan Dhawan

Shiv Chalisa - Launched By Pen Aur Paper

Indian culture has always had a strong belief in a superpower we all refer to as God. There is never-ending folklore as well as mythological tales singing the saga of bravery and illuminating the path of life at every single step.

Staying connected to the roots is essential for every human to grow and prosper because the culture has a significant impact on the quality of life.

The spiritual attempt-

Shiv Biography - Launched By Pen Aur Paper

Pen Aur Paper is Gagan Dhawan's magnum opus. It is an innovation in the field of devotion in order to bring back the forgotten essence. A way to unbridle the people's feelings and emotions and connect them to the supreme power.

Chalisa has always had a meaningful place in our Indian culture, with the great Tulsidas Ji writing the very first Hanuman Chalisa. It is the way of devoting oneself at the feet of God and deities and showing dedication in the form of- hymns, praises, and prayers.

Lord Shiva symbolizes power and strength and is known to have control over death and destruction. Hindus have a strong reliance and trust in the holy power's divinity. That is why ShivChalisa holds equal importance. It is a devotional stotra having 40 chaupais or verses adapted from the Shiva Purana. It is said to relieve the devotees of their sufferings and a way of feeling closer to the deity.

With the fragrance of culture slowly fading away, Pen Aur Paper is an attempt to bridge back the gap between individuals and dedication. It has a wide range of superior quality Chalisa collection along with Shiv Chalisa, Geeta Saar, Bhakti Box, and many other things encapsulating the sanctity and peacefulness. Not only is it a re-birth of the heritage, but it also makes a very mindful and thoughtful gift option suitable for almost every occasion.

It is just the perfect way of nurturing the minds and leading a meaningful life.