About Gagan Dhawan

About Gagan Dhawan

Gagan Dhawan is a well-established entrepreneur with unique business acumen, innovative ideas and a keen eye for detail. He is currently serving as a shareholder of several major companies. He began his career with his printing venture Rhi Printographics in 1999. With his passion, tremendous marketing and interpersonal skills, he soon expanded with state of the art printing presses imported from overseas and captured the domestic and international market with luxury clients like BMW, Moet Hennessey, Swaroski, Kama Ayurveda to name a few. Emboldened by the success of his maiden venture, Mr Dhawan has been a part of the launch of several companies such as Metis Learning Solutions Private Limited, Leapfrog Productions .In January 2015, Aayana Marbles was added to his portfolio.

Gagan Dhawan with his constant endeavor to achieve greater success with each passing venture bagged the production of a Bollywood movie with a strong social message which was released in 2014.

With the mantra “The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are” he curated and launched a health and fitness brand “The New Me” in June 2020.


Gagan Dhawan’s philosophy encompasses the virtues of professionalism and originality. A sensitive human being with care and compassion for fellow humans, he believes in innovation in every business he has ventured into. His success mantra has been driven by the passion to succeed and sharing the fruits of labor with all from top to bottom. According to him, any person is made by the strength of his team and that shows in the many joint ventures and partnerships that he has established over the years. His clear vision, energetic character, and ethical values have brought to his work the quality of accomplishment that one would expect from a successful entrepreneur like him. He is a people’s person with the ability to make friends along the way.

What You Will get in The new Me App- Launched by Gagan Dhawan!!

Health is wealth!! Yes, the statement is quite true and one should follow this. Having a hectic life has adversely affected our lives. The New App surely will break the barriers prohibiting you to take care of your health. The New App has been curated by Gagan Dhawan for men and women both in Hindi and English Language. Almost 90% of people these days own android mobile phones, so this is the right time to utilize this digital technique.

The New Me App will be soon available online for downloading through any Android and IOS phones. Here are the amazing features of the New Me App:-

  • Timely Reminders
  • Recording Progress
  • Positive Affirmations
  • Diet
  • Water Intake
  • Meditation
  • Steps Tracker
  • Workouts
  • Yoga
  • Medicine Reminder
  • Mood Tracker
  • Heart Rate
The New Me App

The new Me App is not just for a Healthy Body, it will rejuvenate the Mind and Body with a perfect mix of physical exercises, diet, yoga, & positive vibes. People using this app on regular basis will surely experience a peaceful state of mind even after having a hectic life. Changing small habits can bring big changes and now is the time to bring that little change in your life. The New me App will be launched soon.